Coupa Inspire: Release Updates and Product Goodies – Procurement

In the procurement area of Release 9, Coupa has added a number of new features. Raja Hammoud (VP of Product Management) shared a few of these enhancements, including the addition of multi-supplier order lists which enable users to select different suppliers (a set or individual) for specific orders. The creation of order lists came out of specific vertical sector requirements but can be applied across industries.

For example, a user can choose how much of an item to add to an order and can see current stock levels on hand at the time of creating the order list. He or she can also adjust the level of activity/usage associated with a particular order list or item. Raja notes that “the shopping cart experience lets users know that if the order window is closed, they can schedule it to the next available order window.”

Another procurement enhancement in Release 9 is new capability in the order scheduling area, which includes the ability to create a schedule for an order by selecting the calendar icon and then clicking on a date. Users can also assign period billing dates to items in the order. The ability to customize through an item-specific questionnaire also features in the latest release. The example Raja just shared on stage was for t-shirts. For example, a user might enter a name or phrase to be “stitched onto a shirt” as part of an order form.

In addition, Release 9 features enhanced home and item details. Coupa noticed in reviewing usage patterns that it was not giving enough short descriptions on item, which resulted in extra clicking for users. Users can now define short item descriptions within the item to provide more information in previews for users.

Stay tuned as our coverage continues today! Up next are Invoicing, Sourcing and other areas of Coupa’s suite.

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