Catch Spend Matters at the ISM Conference Next Week!

All three members of the US Spend Matters research team (Thomas Kase, Pierre Mitchell, and Jason Busch) will attend ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference in Dallas, Texas. We’re looking forward to taking a peek at the new ISM, an organization that is already moving in several new directions under the leadership of Tom Derry, who took over as CEO last fall. For further background on Tom’s original vision for the organization, see:


We aren’t expecting big changes in terms of the event since last year. After all, shifting the direction of a supertanker can take time. But ISM is already proving itself much more nimble than ever in a bunch of activities we’ve observed behind the scenes. Clearly, this organization is moving quickly to create an expanded path for the procurement profession.

At ISM, we’re interested in observing the general vibe and perspective among members, especially the ways in which ISM is currently meeting (or not meeting) their needs. We know ISM is keen to listen to member views as well, and hope attendees will not be shy in giving feedback.

We’re also planning on pursuing the usual activities:

  • Having informal discussions with the ISM team on recent happenings
  • Catching the sessions that look interesting with speakers (especially practitioners) who tend not to present at other conferences
  • Walking the Educational Exhibit and looking for old faces and new in the provider community
  • Investing some real time to dig into recent ISM numbers (and have discussions over them) as well as with the BLS group that has presented and attended in the past. There’s truth in them thar procurement numbers!
  • Sneaking into the “Power Conference” (kidding, kidding…)


If you’re going to be at ISM and would like to connect, please drop us a line! We’ll also be featuring some additional thoughts heading into the conference later this week as well. And if you’re not signed up, it’s not too late! We’re curious to see if ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference is representative of some of the new directions we see ISM taking where the new leadership team have had more time to plan and execute on. And you should too!

A healthy, growing ISM matters more than ever for the procurement industry. We look forward to gauging the reaction of Tom and his new approach and vision from this event.

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