Enabling Suppliers Without Massive Cost or Effort (Part 2)

In the first installment of this series, based on the Spend Matters research paper Avoiding “Dumb Ways to Die”: eProcurement and P2P Style Adoption Scenarios to Breathe Life into Implementations, we began to explore the how to enable suppliers with overwhelming cost and effort.

One piece of good news is that supplier/payment networks can help. Supplier information management (SIM) vendors can complement these approaches to set up and execute campaigns. In addition, e-invoicing providers can help design the optimal offers for terms conversion and one-time “pay me now” approaches for early payment discounting.

In short, the most effective scenarios for supplier enablement do not use a single kind of provider (e.g., an e-invoicing or transactional supplier network) but rather a conglomerate that might include a supplier management vendor, an analytics provider and third-party content enrichment. Over time, these vendors will inevitably converge as the market matures. Forward-thinking organizations would encourage their network providers to embrace true interoperability, i.e., not the type of lip service that passes for it today, even among many of the supposedly “open” providers.

In conclusion, keep the supplier attitude to usability in mind and think about it earlier rather than later. Most progressive vendors have diagnostics that can be used to help you engage your supply base early to formulate your business case, on-boarding strategies, vendor selection and detailed implementation planning.

Above all, keep in mind that one size does not fit all when it comes to effective supplier enablement. If a single provider claims to have the ultimate solution for enablement of all suppliers without external partners and interoperability, it’s time to run for the fences.

Download the full paper on which this post is based: Avoiding “Dumb Ways to Die”: eProcurement and P2P Style Adoption Scenarios to Breathe Life into Implementations. The paper, authored by Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell and Jason Busch, is available for free download in our Spend Matters research library.

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