Scenarios for ISM/Member Organizations in 2020: Introduction and Context

Three members of the Spend Matters research team just returned from the annual ISM conference in Dallas. ISM is currently in transition, with new leadership that is making significant efforts to broaden membership appeal across the supply chain, expand the role and influence of the function, and become more actively involved in new activities (e.g., giving the profession a voice in public affairs and legislative policy impacting procurement and supply chain).

Whether and how ISM succeeds (or not in all) on some of the goals is a worthwhile discussion and exploration – undoubtedly one that ISM leadership and its board is actively engaged in as well. But a broader (and arguably more important) question for procurement practitioners, providers and related members of the community (e.g., A/P organizations) is what role member organizations, both for profit and non-profit (or those with hybrid models), should play in the future? This includes how best to advocate on behalf of and how they should serve their constituents in the future.

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