Conflict Minerals EDGE: Compliance Technology (Part 2)

This post is based on content delivered during Conflict Minerals EDGE. It leverages content contained in presentation delivered by Spend Matters Thomas Kase titled: Conflict Minerals: Let Technology Do The Heavy Lifting. Spend Matters PRO subscribers (annual full subscribers or corporate members) can request a copy of the presentation by dropping us a line.

There is a hidden benefit to using technology to drive external conflict minerals compliance. The same solutions that engage with external parties to ensure that they have understood and accepted the 3T/G requirements – plus counter-signed company policies – can work for internal users at all levels. For example, these tools can be used to disseminate information and policy documents, capture understanding via surveys, document sign-offs and more— across a range of internal constituents including:

  • Business units
  • Product managers
  • Category managers
  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Consultants

Getting everyone on the same page and using the same set of underlying data is one of the larger benefits of supplier master data management (MDM), ideally taken down to the bill of material (BOM), part or SKU level – and the materials, substances and related elements used to deliver a solution. But before using a common technology and information infrastructure to share information, it’s critical to remember that technology is not an island.

Conflict minerals solution strategy should come out of overall process strategy and definition. The more homework you do upfront, the better the end result will be. Moreover, vertical market segments like aerospace, automotive and electronics have industry practices to follow. If you do not fall into one of these verticals, it is still important to develop your own processes prior to selecting and rolling out supporting software

Also, in developing processes and a solution architecture and selection approach, don’t ignore the role of consultants, advisors, legal counsel, etc. in shaping strategy and process. But also do not assume these third parties are expert at underlying solutions. Like us, they’re in the process of attempting to understand the landscape and sort through vendor claims from the reality of actual tool capability to support underlying conflict minerals compliance requirements.


Source: Spend Matters / MetalMiner


Spend Matters PRO subscribers can access the entire presentation on which this post was based here: Conflict Minerals EDGE: Live Blogging, Compliance Technology, And More.

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