Improving Program and Delivery Management

Last week we told you about a new research paper from Spend Matters UK/Europe’s Peter Smith: Indirect Category Sourcing Savings : Fact or Fiction? Delivering Credible Benefits from Sourcing and Category Management Programmes. You can download it for free by clicking the link above. The paper analyzes how procurement and sourcing programs benefit from focusing on program and delivery management, which itself has several key components.

On the issue of improving program and delivery management, Peter divides the topic into three main areas:

  • Program Management— “To deliver effective sourcing and category management, what we might term the 'basics' of project and program management need to be in place.” That includes elements such as planning of activities, realistic estimation of time required, etc.
  • Benefits Realization— “We need to measure the benefits from our actions, prove that savings are real and be able track the effect through into the financial results of the organization. We need a methodology and a process that will stand up to audit if necessary.”
  • Program Governance— “If we’re approaching a complex category, it may be necessary to get the buy-in from a whole range of users, specifiers and budget holders.  So a structured process to gain their approval for what we’re doing, and maintain that as we move through the sourcing process with further ‘gateways’ and check-points, will greatly increase the chance of ultimate success.”

Read more on Spend Matters UK/Europe, or download the new research (for free) right now by clicking here.

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