Tradeshift Webinar, Wal-Mart Not Signing Safety Agreement, Record Airline Fees, Coca-Cola Recipe for Sale?

Will supplier networks thrive, implode, or evolve? Join Spend Matters and Tradeshift next Tuesday at 9am CDT for a free webinar as four experts debate the future of eProcurement, e-invoicing and business connectivity.

Wal-Mart has declined to sign on to a broad safety plan that a number of European companies have joined in response to the recent Bangladesh factory fire.

U.S. airlines collected a record $6 billion in baggage and reservation change fees last year.

If you have $15 million and a desire to own what is purported to be a 70-year-old secret recipe for Coca-Cola, Cliff Kluge from Ringgold, Georgia is the man to know.

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