Webinar: A Business and Supplier Network Smack Down

Join us for The Great Debate: Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode, or Evolve? On Tuesday, May 21 from 9-10am CDT.

The future of supplier networks and platforms is clearly open for debate. Ariba, TradeShift, Hubwoo, GXS, IBM, IBX, Perfect, OB10, InvoiceWare, Basware and many others are competing in a daily changing world. Moreover, the value proposition and capabilities of providers are often quite different, with overlapping and substitute capability being the norm versus true apples-to-apples functional similarity (this can create great confusion among procurement and A/P organizations). Users of various solutions also need to contend with “lock-in”, potentially, based on the apps that connect with networks (e.g., Ariba requires cloud users of its P2P applications to use the network).

To help cut through the noise of networks and platforms, Spend Matters is featuring a debate on the topic. Join us on Tuesday, May 21 from 9-10 AM CDT for a free webinar featuring a live panel discussion and exchange. We’ll even take audience questions! I’ll be part of the debate, along with Pierre Mitchell of Spend Matters, Christian Lanng, CEO and co-founder of Tradeshift, and Jay Merenda, Process and Systems Leader in the Pharma sector.

I promise spirited debate. The fact we’re all participating virtually from different offices is probably a good thing. Christian and I would probably throw chairs at each other if we were in the same room. I promise that hearing the four of us debate will be worth the price of admissions alone (which you can’t complain about – it’s free).

So join us as we debate the intersections, overlap and future of supplier and business networks as they pertain to linkages with:

• Purchase-to-pay (P2P) processes
• e-invoicing tools and connectivity
• Working capital management and treasury strategies
• Supplier management and engagement approaches
• Risk management tactics
• …and more

Register here for “The Great Debate: Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode, or Evolve?”

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