E-Sourcing: What’s Changed in the Past Five Years (Part 2)

In the first installment in this series, we talked a lot about the changing e-sourcing landscape based on observations from a deep dive sourcing analysis we’re currently working on. Today we’ll share some of the remaining “gotchas” to bring our subscribers up to speed on what’s changed in the past five years. But first, here’s a summary of our initial points:

  • Non-western expertise and sourcing suites gain stature
  • The rise of truly integrated end-to-end solutions is finally here (in certain cases)
  • Optimization (i.e., flexible and alternative bidding submissions, application of buyer constraints, scenario analysis) has finally gotten easy to use
  • Larger and more advanced organizations are increasingly using more than one e-sourcing solution
  • Manufacturing-centric e-sourcing solutions have (finally) taken center stage inside industrial companies (who might use another solution like Ariba for indirect sourcing, but use specialty tools for direct spend categories)
  • Excel integration has become hugely powerful (e.g., Directworks) in certain cases
  • Supplier management and sourcing integration has improved significantly in certain tools – a critical linkage

We will continue sharing some of our key observations from our research based on what’s changed in e-sourcing in recent years. Our goal in this series is to provide an educated reader who might have been an expert in the marketplace just a few years ago with an update that brings them up to speed on many of the key areas where the e-sourcing market has evolved. It should be particularly useful for those in the process of re-sourcing the category of e-sourcing solutions, those buying solutions for the first time or those looking to supplement existing capabilities with highly specialized toolsets.

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