Happy Memorial Day from Spend Matters (Stay Warm, Chicagoans!)

Memorial Day. The Spend Matters team is taking today off in observation of the public holiday that has, perhaps more so than any other, a clearly split identity. Most of us know that it is a day in commemoration of those who have died serving in the military. Even more of us know that it is the unofficial start of summer. That said, if you don’t live in Chicago, you might not know this: The past few days, especially Thursday, have been a very un-summerlike 40, 50, 60 degrees. It’s the lot of cold climate dwellers to unload their grievances on to everyone else.

This year we’re taking a look back at past Memorial days all the way through 2007. If you’re in a nostalgic mood too, check out this convenient round-up of old Memorial Day posts:

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