25 Procurement Productivity Improvements You Can Make Right Now (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced the procurement productivity study and covered the first half of the productivity punch list. In this edition, we’ll finish up the list and provide some overall guidance on the topic. Onto the practices…

Productivity Practice #13:  Use policies, internal white pages, ePortals, consumer-like search, online training, etc. to “guide” requisitioners to preferred supply

Make it easy for requisitioners to find you in procurement if they can’t find what they’re looking for in the eProcurement system. They can’t do this if you bury policies and communications on an arcane intranet site, so over-communicate efficiently (help text, computer-based training, consumer-like procurement buying portal, etc.) to ensure that users can find their way.

Productivity Practice #14: Have an internal ‘help desk’ and related support processes – similar to an external CRM process

This is similar to the previous practice, which is in effect an ‘internal CRM’ capability, but this capability is more explicit and using all of the CRM-related techniques and tools to support internal. This includes using CRM capabilities that you may have elsewhere in house. You should also consider things like common mailbox, voicemail, ‘ticket’ system, e-mail routings based on business rules (e.g., by commodity), and using customer satisfaction surveys to guide improvement efforts.

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