GEP: Procurement Services, Software, and BPO Under One Roof (Part 2)

In the first installment in this series, we explored the rather unique structure, capabilities and philosophy of GEP. GEP is a specialist BPO, consulting, managed services and software provider (not necessarily in that order, mind you!) serving the global procurement market. As we continue, we’ll consider GEP’s overall software solution capability as well, and in the concluding post, the characteristics of organizations most likely to benefit from their integrated approach to software and services delivery.

GEP’s software stacks up well for what we’d term core spend analysis capability. By way of comparison, we’d rank them as more advanced than solutions built on some of the earlier architectures and capabilities (Emptoris and Ariba) and more in line with the current generation of solutions that deliver greater flexibility around data acquisition (including self-service classification), self-service and/or rapid refreshes and re-classifications of data and advanced visualization/analytics. However, for specialized spend analysis user requirements, there are still a handful of specialist solutions that provide greater granularity around category-specific analysis, spend data mash-ups, and related capabilities.

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