Spend Matters and MetalMiner: New Names and Faces!

I've always joked that we'll know we've made it as a company when our offices become so cramped with employees that someone has to set up desk space in our supply closet. Well, Spend Matters (and our parent company, Azul Partners) is growing up! We’ve recently added a number of new faces to our team, with even more joining in July.

Say hello to our first quantitative analyst in the firm, Raul de Frutos Tinoco. Raul comes to us with a consulting background before graduate school, and we’re incredibly excited to have him work with our MetalMiner IndX data to take our overall metals market analysis and forecasting work in new directions.

Besides diving headfirst into the industrial metals markets and wrapping up graduate school, Raul recently completed his first marathon, easily besting the time of everyone else in the office. Impressive! Raul will not only run the numbers and run us off the lakefront path at breakneck pace – he will also be getting involved in other activities on MetalMiner and Spend Matters focused on quantitative and project-based analysis.


Raul de Frutos Tinoco – Our Number Jockey (and Reigning Office Jock)! 

We also welcomed Brett Ryden to the team this month. Brett will serve as Director of Sales and Business Development for MetalMiner. Even though Brett will be focusing on the publishing and sales side of MetalMiner, he’s been on both sides of the publication business and comes from print. Brett is excited to bridge the gap between the offline paper world and the online world, and enjoys that MetalMiner offers instantaneous information and – bonus! – saves trees in the process.


Brett Ryden – He Looks Far More Credible Than the Rest of Us 

Brett has spent over 25 years in publishing and marketing and over 15 years working on numerous metal and coatings magazines. In the 1990’s, he ran his own publishing company in California before joining BNP Media in 1998. In 2001, he was given the publisher position at Industrial Paint & Powder magazine before leaving for the opportunity to run The Powder Coating Institute’s (PCI) start-up called Powder Coated Tough magazine in 2006. As the Director of Publishing & Marketing for the association, Brett directed and coordinated all of the business and staff aspects of Powder Coated Tough magazine. He was also solely responsible for sales efforts for all the associations revenue streams including, trade shows, membership, live summits and the magazine. Please join us in welcoming Brett and Raul to our team.

In July, we’ll be making two more hiring announcements as well, including, drumroll please, a new editorial force overseeing Spend Matters content!

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First Voice

  1. Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2:

    Congratulations, Jason and welcome Brett and Raul!

    As a fellow entrepreneur, I see staff additions as a testament to successfully making a vision a reality and attaining desired growth. Well done, my friend!

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