Spend Matters Forum: An Introduction

In the traditional industry analyst world, membership has its privileges. But access to insight beyond the occasional written word has come with a big price tag. Sure if you’ve got a question about a specific solution provider or how to think about shortlists in a given area, inquiry time with a Gartner or Forrester (or Spend Matters) analyst can be invaluable. But what if you don’t want to spend the money? What if you want to ask a question in a private community and have analysts and others respond? And what if you don’t want to wait to schedule a call – if you’re paying the big bucks already?

Now you can, with the Spend Matters Forum. An exclusive benefit for our Plus and PRO subscribers, the new site forums allow you to interact with Spend Matters analysts and your peers and get your questions answered. In exploring the need for this type of moderated forum, we figured out from our discussions with practitioners, vendors and services providers that not everyone gets to spend all the time they want interacting with their peers. And frankly, a lot of you are out there doing some innovative and exciting stuff that needs to be shared. Maybe some on the vendor side even wants feedback in exchange for trying out new products for free.

So here’s your place to ask questions, debate, elicit feedback, and network. The Forum is carefully moderated by the Spend Matters team, and we’ll attempt to answer your questions – as quickly as possible! Of course not every question you might have is right for either written responses or public (even a private public) forum environments. For this reason, we still offer private, NDA-based advisory as an option for those that sign up for Spend Matters PRO corporate access.

Subscribers, please let us know what you think! And please join us in being the first to ask questions of your peers – and us!

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