Spend Matters Procurement Research: Easier to Find, Easier to Use

Continuing on in our tour of the all-new and improved Spend Matters site, please let me introduce the better-organized (but still free) Research Library!

Take a glance over to your right, under the Associate Sponsorship area. We spent hours painstakingly assessing the search terms people were typing in to find Spend Matters research, and then aligned that with our coverage areas.

You’ll notice three colors:

Green: Overarching types of coverage not based on specific subject matter (Best Practices, Technology ROI, How-to Guides, Topical Issues, Provider Coverage)

Dark Purple: High-level parent categories (Category Management, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Supply Chain Management)

Light Purple: The deep, specific nitty-gritty (B2B Networks and Infrastructure, Requisition/PO Management, Supplier Enablement)


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.00.08 PM

In addition to reorganizing our free research, we’ve added a new Premium Research Library exclusively for PRO members. At this juncture, it contains PRO research series neatly bundled and ready to download and read all at once. Down the line, it will feature in-depth, comparative reports on technologies, services, solutions, and more - so keep an eye out (our e-sourcing study will be making its first appearance later in July).

Say Hello to Premium Research

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