Welcome to the New Spend Matters: User Guide and FAQ

It’s alive. And it’s about time. We know we’ve been late to the game with a Spend Matters user experience that tames and organizes the armada-sized quantity of content we crank out.

But it’s finally here. Today we announce a new Spend Matters, one that is better in every way. It features:

  • A more intuitive and better organized home page to navigate site content and research
  • Structured sections lower down on the page, so that if you don’t check in every day, you can still find what you’re looking for based on recent content without having to search
  • Integration of premium and standard content with a single-sign on and user experience
  • And much more!

Perhaps the biggest change for readers and subscribers is that we’ll be featuring our premium content alongside the usual free stuff rather than forcing users to visit two different sites.

And we’ve restructured into two subscription offerings: Spend Matters Plus and Spend Matters PRO. With both, our aim is to deliver procurement and supply chain professionals an information advantage by providing original thought, insightful analyses, and the unbiased opinion that you’re used to. Here’s what it looks like, and we’ll answer some more questions about it below.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 4.15.04 PM

Why are we asking that you pay for content?

We’re resolutely independent, as you know. And with our premium content emphasis, we wanted to provide more services to our readers. But at the same time, we need some sort of revenue that doesn’t come from the provider side to do so. As subscribers, you’re helping us keep our independence, continue to provide the quality content you expect, and expand in the meantime.

But don’t worry if you decide not to plunk down your p-card just yet for our premium content (though we hope to convince you of the business case to dive in)!

What’s still free on Spend Matters?

Spend Matters readers will still get 4-5 free posts every single day. Plus level subscribers will receive 2-3 additional deeper posts per week, and PRO readers will receive an extra post almost every day – and sometimes more. The level of detail and commentary increases with each level. Moreover, PRO subscribers will gain access to our Premium Research library, which will feature additional material (see more on that later today).

There’s also more than just additional content for those who sign-up to a premium tier.

Both membership levels have exciting new features:

  • Private Site Forums to interact with Spend Matters analysts and your peers
  • LIVE weekly ‘Ask-the-Analyst’ webinars for subscribers
  • Special Spend Matters Almanac inclusion rates (more details on the way)

See more details here, in our initial announcement.

Should I choose Plus or PRO level?

If you’re on the fence, our goal with Spend Matters PRO is to bring many additional layers of depth and analysis to aid in your overall procurement strategy, not to mention the most insightful and in-depth hardcore research-methodology driven technology reviews in the market. PRO provides concrete recommendations and takeaways to help procurement professionals, consultants, and technology providers make both strategic and tactical decisions. Spend Matters PRO doesn’t just inform on the issues and available technology. It makes you smarter and able to act on them.

Spend Matters PRO content will be of primary interest to: CPOs, CFOs, Procurement Technology Leads/Directors, Head of Procurement Strategy and Technology, Systems Program Managers, Finance Directors/Controllers, Management Consultants, etc.

Spend Matters Plus will focus on increasing your knowledge level on all things procurement, which includes best practice advice on processes and technology and the latest thinking and important information about what’s happening in the procurement industry. Spend Matters Plus goes one step further than Spend Matters in delivering content that will increase your knowledge and help you do your job better.

Spend Matters Plus content will be of primary interest to: Category Managers, Procurement Managers, A/P Managers, Head of Procurement, Sourcing Executives, Procurement Systems Analysts.

Answers to more FAQs can be found here, and look for a post later today explaining what’s up with free research, plus more announcements and details.

Onward and Upward!

Let us know what you think about the new Spend Matters. We welcome your feedback through email (jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com) and comments.

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