Spend Matters: Update on the Site Transition

Yesterday was a big day in Spend Matters history. We went live with our third major site upgrade in the almost ten year history of the site! This site update featured the incorporation of Spend Matters free and premium (PRO and PLUS) offerings into a single platform and URL. For further information on the site update and new features, you can read our recent coverage below:

The transition to an updated platform and added capability unfortunately also brought with it some latency issues which we’re continuing to improve upon by the day (hopefully the hour). We hope to have the performance issues entirely resolved over the weekend if not sooner.

In the meantime, we’re sorry about any issues you have may have encountered or may be experiencing on the site. But we promise the result – in shorter order – will provide significant step-change improvements in usability, navigability, and search, saving time for everyone.

Thanks again for your patience, readership, and support!

- The Spend Matters team

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  1. kris colby:

    Good stuff, congrats!

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