Sony’s Waterproof Smartphone, United Airlines and Toilet Paper, Distributed vs. Big Data Supply Chains

A potentially serious iPhone competitor? Sony introduces a smartphone that will work after being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. 

United Airlines is left in short supply...of toilet paper. (And the entire internet turns into 8-year-olds about it). From Forbes: "As for the other four bathrooms, they did not have toilet paper, but they did have both paper towels as well as cocktail napkins that flight attendants had provided. It is worth remembering that not every visit to the bathroom requires toilet paper."

CVS Caremark releases a report stating how much money could be saved if a) Americans took the medication that was prescribed to them; and b) if doctors prescribed generics whenever possible. Read about the results here.

What do you think about distributed vs. big data in your supply chain?

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