Joe Juliano Joins IQNavigator as President and CEO: The Insider Scoop

When Joe Juliano joined FreeMarkets to run sales, he had an all but impossible job: work for two ex-McKinsey consultants and a former Army Ranger (who counted three Harvard degrees between the three of them, and one Tuck MBA) and attempt to sell software that well, did not really exist (at least not in 2001). Not only was Joe working for a team of founders who were not cut from the software sales mold (i.e., those who believe the highest paid people in a company should be the top performing sales team members), he was running an organization tasked with selling a software that was really a service, but not quite SaaS, if you get my drift.

Fortunately, life gets easier, as the saying goes. Earlier today, IQNavigator announced Joe had joined as President and CEO, an organization that is most definitely SaaS (not just a service that’s part software), and clearly one of the top two software leaders (by market-share) in the vendor management system (VMS) space. At FreeMarkets, Joe managed to successfully run a commercial organization that would sell software that had only just come into existance (but would never lead the market in functionality), but he also was able to salvage what he could of the old reverse auction managed services business – what we called “FullSource” at the time.

The above-linked press release will help readers fill in the blank on Joe post-FreeMarkets: “Juliano recently relocated to Denver from Atlanta where he was president of RedPrairie, a supply chain SaaS and software firm specializing in retail operations, workforce, inventory and transportation management. Prior to RedPrairie, Juliano served as the president and CEO of SaaS firm, PrimeRevenue, Inc. Juliano brings a wealth of leadership, sales and operations experience from technology and procurement solutions organizations including senior vice president of Sales for Ariba Inc., COO at Telesis Software, and executive roles at FreeMarkets Inc. and Intelisys Inc.”

We’re excited that Joe has come full circle to lead a top provider in the procurement sector. And we’ve asked him a number of questions in an interview about his transition back into the space as well as his view of where services procurement is headed. Stay tuned for the write-up of our chat with Joe on Spend Matters, next week.

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