SAP and Ariba One Year Later – Customer Q&A (Part 1) [PRO]

We get a lot of questions from SAP/Ariba customers, prospects, partners, competitors, consultants, BPO partners, etc. – just about anyone that touches the Ariba or SAP sphere in the procurement area. Many of these are highly specific to certain circumstances and requirements, but others have more general applicability to Spend Matters readers from all circles. So here are a number of these questions, plus our answers and opinions. Answered in this installment: How is Ariba operating inside SAP? What is the customer perspective on the acquisition, one year out? What excites us about the combination? What are the most frequent customer questions/concerns that we hear? What approach is Ariba/SAP taking with their product lines and deployment approaches in response to customer desires for choice? How does this compare to other providers, such as Oracle, and how should customers look at their actions?

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