The New Spend Matters Site: Your Feedback Wanted

We’ve only gotten a bit of feedback from readers about the site integration of Spend Matters Plus/PRO and the regular Spend Matters (including our free research library). But so far, it’s been positive.

This is not necessarily a good thing. We’d like some more critical input about how we can better serve the needs of the broader Spend Matters community.

In particular, we’d welcome constructive input on the following areas:

  • Plus/PRO integration – Are there other things we could be doing to make the service more valuable?
  • Plus/PRO – Is the delineation between “what is free” and “what is subscription” clear? Do you understand the differences of “Plus” and “PRO”?
  • Our new research taxonomy structure – Does this make searching our research easier?
  • Community – Aside from our recently added “Discussion/Forum” feature and the weekly Ask the Expert subscriber webinars (which someone suggested that we make into podcasts as well) what else could we be doing to foster community?
  • What is your biggest complaint about site structure/navigation?
  • Would you like to see additional research and commentary (Spend Matters UK/Europe, MetalMiner, etc.) featured on Spend Matters, or should we keep content entirely site specific?
  • Most popular articles – is this a feature you’re using/you like?
  • Content mix: what would you like to see more/less of?
  • What is the one single biggest coverage area that’s missing (or need of greater attention) on Spend Matters?

Of course we welcome feedback on other areas as well! This is just meant to be a starter-list of areas for input. As always, we thank you for your time, readership and support! Spend Matters is here today because of you – and without your guidance, we won’t be able to better tailor it to your needs, wants and requirements.

Leave a comment here, or please reach out to me (jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com) or Sheena (smoore (at) spendmatters (dot) com) directly.

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