Nipendo Product Review: Next Generation E-Invoicing + Platform (Part 1) [PRO]

Nipendo is just beginning to build a North American presence. But we suspect these efforts will ramp quickly when the market begins to understand exactly what they have on their hands, digging below the surface of their product-centric marketing efforts to date. Let us explain. When Nipendo first briefed Spend Matters, they were all about e-invoicing. Perhaps this is not surprising, as in most cases, the business users (e.g., procurement and accounts payable) that buy technology like to understand the business impact that a solution can provide vs. the nuts and bolts of what makes it possible. But when Nipendo began to tell us their e-invoicing product story – and when we followed up with their customer references and what users were actually doing – it became clear that the “how” took precedence over the “what.”

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