New Spend Matters Faces: Welcoming Assistant Editor Sydney Lazarus

We’re woefully behind in welcoming new faces and sponsors to Spend Matters these days. The amount of activity in the office and across out sites has never been greater. But that’s not an excuse! Our first new welcome goes out to Spend Matters new Assistant Editor, Sydney Lazarus.


Check out all that red pen: Sydney Lazarus, The First Professional Editor of Spend Matters

Sydney joined us earlier this year as an intern, while still completing her undergraduate work at Northwestern (Medill). Sydney is actually the first real editor we’ve had Spend Matters with actual training in this thing called journalism (which the rest of us have tried to learn, but largely failed).

Previously, Sydney had freelanced at Conde Nast Traveler and Modern Luxury and is an accomplished writer and editor. We have no idea why she would lower her standards to helping us cover procurement unless, of course, she wants to travel to low-cost countries and write about the antithesis of luxury spending (i.e., being cheap). But here she is!

Sydney is already shaking things up at Spend Matters. She’s brought her own editorial agenda which we think will broaden the interest in procurement and supply chain topics overall, expanding the potential audience of readers without deviating from the core subject matter. Among other areas, Sydney is particularly interested in topics pertaining to local procurement as well as extending supply chain decisions and information out to the ultimate buyers of consumer goods and products (e.g., covering traceability in the extended CPG, retail, high technology and food supply chains across a range of sustainability and CSR-related topics). She's also the mastermind behind our bi-monthly newsletter, Dirty Rotten Spendrels (sign up here - it's worth it!)

Already, you may have noticed a slightly different mix of content, editorial tone and the like. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working: our traffic has grown considerably in just the few weeks since she joined. So look for some added bylines - and if you have any editorial suggestions or are looking to become a guest poster on Spend Matters, reach out: slazarus (at) spendmatters (dot) com.

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