Spend Matters: A New Role For Sheena Moore

Every company has a Sheena Moore. You know, the first (or second, third or fourth) employee in a firm who is hired to do one role, but also happens to pick up a few more on a full-time basis in addition to fulfilling what she was originally hired to do. As we’ve grown, so too has Sheena, taking on responsibility across just about every area of Spend Matters. Rumor has it, she’s even been in the code on occasion.

Even though Sheena has served as Editor of Spend Matters for years, she’s also officially and unofficially taken on many other titles and roles: graphic designer, product manager, kitchen dish menace, program manager, webinar maestro, “Scott Whisperer”, psychologist, and customer engagement lead.


Sheena Moore: Spend Matters MacGyver, Good with a Megaphone

Earlier this year, we decided to bring a new assistant editor on-board  for Spend Matters and formalize a new role for Sheena (even though we know that we could never fit her in a box). Today, we’re excited to announce that Sheena will serve as Director, Customer Engagement, going forward. Sheena will be responsible for the execution of all of our customer programs and offerings (ranging from training and getting corporate clients and associations up on Spend Matters PRO to running Spend Matters webinars, lead generation, advertising and other programs for clients – and a tremendous amount in between).

Please join me in congratulating Sheena on her new role. She’ll also continue to oversee Spend Matters content, helping marshal and manage the team in a way that only a rowing coach with soft hands – yes, Sheena has proved this combination is possible – can do.

Congrats Sheena! We’re thrilled to have you be such an integral member of our overall team.

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Voices (7)

  1. Bill:

    To my dearest daughter, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Kimberly Busser:

    Congratulations Sheena!

  3. Bill Moore:

    Congratulations Sheena, we’re all very proud of you.

  4. Kevin Brooks:

    Congratulations Sheena!

  5. Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2:

    Congrats, Sheena!

  6. Market Dojo:

    Congrats! Hope your still following Skins!

    1. Sheena Moore:

      Thank you! And very much so 🙂

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