Welcoming Lisa Whalen as Spend Matters VP of Sales and Business Development

It’s about time. Actually, it’s five years later than it should have been based on Spend Matters traffic, growth, and influence. But we finally hired a truly outstanding person, Lisa Whalen, to run sales and business development for us globally. Lisa will join Bill Busch (my father and the first employee of the firm!) on the commercial side of the Spend Matters business, overseeing all client sales and partnering activities. Bill will continue in his role as VP of Client Services, helping shape and manage strategic customer relationships.


Lisa Whalen: Sales VP, softball goddess, biker, runner, and Fulbright scholar

Lisa comes to us with an extensive background in the publishing industry. Earlier in her career, she served as an Advertising Sales Manager at both Penton Business Media and Thomson/Source Media. Lisa is already making up for our tiny commercial organizational efforts to date with a force multiplier effect that makes us suspect that she has the ability to clone herself. Lisa is not only a force of nature in the office; she has a life outside of work, including a mean bat on our company softball team. She also ran her first 10-mile race earlier this year (we were in it together) and had an awesome time.

It’s about time we put a Lisa figure on our team. Most sites and subscription/research providers the size of Spend Matters have a close to 1-1 ratio of editorial/research team members to those on the publishing/commercial side. To date, we’ve been more like 8-1. I’m certain this is what has made us different in the market, standing out from other media properties, lacking the content horsepower we have internally.

Lisa is already shaking just about everything up commercially that’s possible. In recent weeks, she’s led the charge with Bill to update and refine all of our offerings, including creating new, smaller points of entry for companies without the types of budgets to work with us in the past. Of course nothing has prepared her fully for the horrors of Spend Matters office life (such as cramming four people into a tiny room with four Skype calls going on at once and one speakerphone blaring as the office shakes with 90 decibel drilling sounds from the construction going on).

But she’s dealing - thriving, in fact.

Please join me in giving a warm Spend Matters welcome to Lisa Whalen! We’re thrilled to have you, Lisa.

If anyone has any questions or wants to chat with Lisa, she can be reached at: lwhalen (at) spendmatters (dot) com.

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