Welcoming Nipendo as an Associate Sponsor

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Nipendo has joined Spend Matters as an Associate Sponsor. We believe that Nipendo, a start-up chock full of some of the best and brightest software engineering minds from Israel, is about to shake up the e-invoicing, supplier network/platform, and direct materials connectivity (think EDI) market. We’ve not seen anything like them, but we must admit, it took a long white boarding session earlier this summer to understand exactly how they do what they do – which represents an approach to system-to-system connectivity and entirely network-centric applications that is unique (and not easy to understand on first glance).

Nipendo is the first supplier network and P2P application provider that we can honestly say is a replacement for EDI today. This is the vision that SAP/Ariba quickly aspire to offer via the Ariba Supplier Network as well (and it’s in their roadmap). But Nipendo’s indirect e-invoicing and direct material connectivity (and indirect spend, as well) enablement is real. In a nutshell, here’s how they do it (as we wrote in early July):

Nipendo’s e-invoicing approach leverages the underlying platform by enabling more than just basic translation, routing, and transactional validations to occur in the network “cloud.” Nipendo enables basic connectivity approaches as well as more advanced transactional, business process validations and changes (e.g., amendments) to occur on the platform level because it is able to abstract all inbound documents and metadata into a persistent, translated and standardized structure. It can then push information either into Nipendo’s application, other network “apps,” or a buyer or supplier’s own system …

While the potential uses of a platform-based approach to connectivity are endless, Nipendo has enabled the following general connectivity use cases to date: RFQ, purchase order (PO), advanced ship notifications (ASN), delivery notes, warehouse receipts, invoice drafts, pro-forma invoices, e-invoicing (credit/debit), payment notices, GL information, and supplier master data.

Nipendo is the real deal, minus any marketing to date (which is why you may not have heard of them). But we think you will. And soon, as the engineers behind the venture, for the first time, begin to take a back seat commercially to newly hired sales and marketing leaders on a global basis.

Here at Spend Matters, we’re ecstatic to get yet another sponsor whose business we’re truly giddy about on-board! Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Nipendo, one of the next disruptive players in the procurement, manufacturing, and accounts payable areas.

Nipendo has underwritten access to a Spend Matters PRO research brief for a temporary period of time. Download Ariba/SAP, Fees and Future Networks today.

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