Introducing New Spend Matters Public Sector Columnist David Wyld

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Professor David Wyld’s commentary over the years, going back to some of his earlier papers, articles, and blogs on reverse auctions (he’s a proponent of their targeted use – and defended them early on against a couple other academics who challenged their validity as a negotiation tool). Most recently, David has contributed a few guest pieces and interviews to Spend Matters. See:

David C. Wyld on Tail Spend in the Public Sector: Technology, Outsourcing, and Procurement

David C. Wyld on Tail Spend in the Public Sector: Best Practices, Case Examples, and Globalization

A Close Look at GSA’s New Reverse Auction Platform

GSA’s Reverse Auction Platform: How Important is the Absence of a Market-Maker in the GSA Model?

What is the True Cost of GSA's "Free" Reverse Auctions?

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that David will be working more closely with Spend Matters (and our soon-to-be-launched public sector venture), contributing regular bylines to the site on all issues pertaining to public sector procurement. David is currently the Robert Maurin Professor of Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He spends a lot of his time researching and teaching not only general business and management issues, but also the topic of more effective public sector procurement.

David has presented at some pretty highbrow organizations in his distinguished career, including The Brookings Institution, The U.S. Army War College, and Georgetown. He also spoke at my procurement alma matter, FreeMarkets (which is where we first ran across each other’s work). David also works with corporations and small business across a range of e-government, procurement, reverse auctions, and supply chain areas. And if you had to ask, here’s David by the numbers:

David Wyld

Books – 2

Edited Books - 4

Monographs and White Papers – 28

Chapters in Books – 16

Refereed Journal Articles – 174

Professional and/or Trade Articles – 304  

Invited Industry/Trade/Academic Presentations – 42

Best Paper Awards at Academic Conferences – 15

Academic Conference Paper Presentations - 150

In the Spend Matters street cred category, he bests all of us, having completed seven marathons to date! Please join me in welcoming David to Spend Matters as a regular contributor. We look forward to his musings on how to drive more effective government procurement and supply chain management practices.

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