From Coupa 10 to SAP/Ariba: Best of Spend Matters’ Technology Coverage


From individual “Vendor Snapshots” to overarching viewpoints on where the sector’s technology has been and where we see it going, this is one of our favorite areas to explore here at Spend Matters — and one where we are proud of providing original thought, insightful analyses, and unbiased opinion that doesn’t hedge, obfuscate, or pander.

Coupa 10 Launches, Features New Sourcing App and Substantial Invoicing Improvements – The nuance and rate of innovation in Coupa 10 is surprising and can’t be captured by headlines, even given Coupa’s historical rate of innovation. In this release, for example, Coupa has unveiled a more than truly basic sourcing application for the company masses, as well as brought its invoice / accounts payable automation and e-invoicing capability to a level where it can now compete against specialists (a huge accomplishment in such a short time period considering the limitations in earlier releases, just quarters ago).

Wallmedien: A P2P Wrapper for the Confused ERP Purchasing Masses – Ever so often in our jobs as researchers and analysts, we encounter a technology provider that is truly difficult to categorize. Wallmedien is one such solutions vendor. It has carved out a solid (and expanding niche) enabling eProcurement and P2P implementations with its own productized solutions as well as what we can best describe as “apps” that sit on top of third-party tools, including SAP SRM.

“Applications Unlimited” Oracle vs. “We Know Best” SAP/Ariba – It’s rare for a large ERP/MRP and business applications deal between top enterprise software vendors (Oracle, SAP) to hinge on the comparative capabilities of the procurement suite. The same holds true of evaluations involving a new generation of often (but not always) middle-market driven providers like Workday, NetSuite and others that have more limited source-to-pay capabilities. Yet with SAP buying Ariba and a number of marketplace dynamics beginning to coalesce, the importance of direct comparisons between Oracle and SAP will increase over time in the procurement area for three reasons.

Help Wanted: Number One Procurement Vendor To Fill Ariba’s Shoes? – Based on the conversations and the notes we’ve traded, the Spend Matters team feels that no one is even close to filling the shoes left by Ariba now that it’s part of SAP. Yes, we know this isn’t the death of Ariba since SAP is obviously letting them drive the train, but it’s certainly going to be a major distraction to deal with some of those ‘pesky’ integration issues (applications, infrastructure, and organizational integration).

Intuit and QuickBooks in 2020: 10 Potential Network-Based Services Offerings – Intuit is clearly trying to explore and flesh out strategies to target a far bigger network space opportunity. In working with Tradeshift, Intuit is deepening its knowledge in this inter-company opportunity, even dabbling in the broader connectivity and cloud apps space. And there are even broader opportunities in the coming decade. Based on this potential, the Spend Matters team came up with ten potential network-based services that Intuit or a competitor could provide.

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