Best of Spend Matters UK/Europe: Procurement Interview Questions, Music Tips, and Horsemeat

Today’s “Best Of” are all posts by Peter Smith of Spend Matters Egypt Ecuador Ethiopia England UK/Europe. As a side note, the comments generated by Peter’s post on best and worst procurement interview questions are a worthy read on their own. And no collection of Peter posts is complete without a music post.

Mark this collection as complete:

Why the MOD DE&S GoCo probably won’t happen – Personally, I have mixed feelings about whether this is a good and viable idea, but if I had to go either way, I would bet that the GoCO will not happen – at least before the next election in 2015. Here are five reasons why it could fail to happen. Speaking as a mathematician, none of them are “likely” but if you sum their probabilities, I suspect you get something over 50%.

The Best and Worst Procurement Interview Questions – I never liked those that made me do a lot of self-analysis, although they are good questions – “how would your colleagues / friends describe you” always made me squirm. Must say something about a lack of self-awareness, or a good old-fashioned northern upbringing where too much reflection on “feelings” was not particularly encouraged!

New Music Tips for 2013 – Haim, The 1975, Theme Park, Bastille… etc ! – The industry buzz is that 2013 is going to see guitar bands making a bit of a comeback after some years of pop, R n’B and electronic dance music dominating the charts and the teenagers’ iPods. BBC Radio 1 has decided “Rawwkk” is in favour, good news for young UK bands such as Tribes, The 1975, Young Guns, Twin Atlantic, and slightly more established acts like the Blackout, You Me At Six, and Bring Me The Horizon who could all step up to arena-touring status this year. As an example of the sort of thing we might be hearing more of this year, here are The 1975 with “Sex”, from their recent EP, which is really promising.

Stephen Kelly interview – Cabinet Office COO on UK Government Shared Services – Exclusive! – Kelly is very much not the traditional “mandarin” civil servant, with his successful career in IT management and his entrepreneurial credentials. That was certainly obvious from his grasp and detailed understanding of what’s going on in the SSC field, and his knowledge of software and service providers. Not many other people at his level in government could give you a run-down of ERP providers’ strengths and weaknesses, for instance!

Horsemeat supply chain issue gets beyond a joke – “100%” in Lasagne – The further bad news about dubious meat supply chains across Europe, and sources of horsemeat in many food products found on UK retailers’ shelves, is now racing back onto the front pages. That’s no doubt making procurement executives prick up their ears again – they know they’ll be trotting into their CEO’s offices again today to answer questions about their own supplier information and management procedures.

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