Not Everyone Thinks Bigger is Better (A Satire Video on the Publicis Omnicom Merger)

“Nope, nooo, I don’t see how that’s a conflict”

Close to a month ago we questioned the premise that larger organizations and bigger spends are always better in the world of marketing. At the heart of the argument against the purported scale benefits lies the general assumption (so far voiced by all market insiders we have spoken with) that POG (Publicis Omnicom Group) most likely already get some of the best deals in the media market.

Then you have the fact that creative projects are relatively small. The large aggregated spend figures from a multinational is delivered in dozens, hundreds, or thousands of small projects at various levels of uniqueness each year. Certainly it is not the same as aggregating direct side commodities bought in bulk, or even semi-uniform and fairly quantifiable categories like MRO, packaging, transportation, etc.

Then there are the issues with account conflicts – check 1:00 in the video above – and of course the question about features versus actual benefits. “What does it mean for me?” as the client rightfully asks.

Love the long-haired agency guy in the video – what a slickmeister! And note the tool acronym in 1:21. In case he talks too quickly for you, it’s Social Analysis Digital Monitoring Asset Management Activation tool – or SAD MAMA.

The satirical video was created by an independent firm here in Atlanta – ASO. In case you think I know them, I don’t. I came across the clever video here at Mediabistro’s AgencySpy. Good fun, and make sure to read the comments on AgencySpy. It looks like there are a lot of POGgers unloading there. Since this video clearly has stirred up raw feelings, there has to be a good deal of truth to the message.

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