Best of Spend Matters: Comments Without Context

When I was an 18-year-old student in journalism school, instead of joining the traditional newspaper or writing for the online North by Northwestern, I found it much more fun to write off-topic comments on the aforementioned blog. You could make a game out of how many errors you find in a night of copyediting, sure. Or you could do as I did, and see how many of your stupid comments make it into “Context-free Comments,” a regular feature in NBN’s quarterly print magazine.

So it goes without saying that I have a soft spot for comments. As soon as it came time to do “Best of Spend Matters,” I had to put together a Best of Comments for  the weekend. Without further ado:


“I find wall-eyed Christopher Lambert distracting, but I’ll give it a chance, don’t recall seeing it.”

“I would not trust my daughter or any of my family member[s] using these private rides.”

“It turned out that a special purchase was needed because the punch had to be purple. All the things on that back office desk had to be purple.”

“With the right paste for the canvas side, and decent technique, I don’t see a need for using stones.”

“Mozart, it’s not personal, but it may be time to play a Requiem for your outdated thinking.”

“I despise these sporting analogies.”

“I’m reminded of the story that Emily (shouldn’t but would) Deane told recent when she offended a Buddhist by saying ‘yolo.’”

“For my home office I got a 1000$ desk for 300$ and I got a really good chair to go with it.”

“We are grateful for all farms, and businesses who care for their animals in humane ways that allow them to carry out their natural behaviors in peace and beauty, as Nature offers.”

“You know your skin/face best.”


If any of these gems are yours, congratulations! As for NBN, my personal best record was 40%. Out of the five comments that were published in the Winter 2009 issue of NBN, two were mine.

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