Coupa 10: Sourcing Product Review and Analysis [PRO]

Earlier this summer, Coupa launched its latest release with what can only be described as a boatload of enhancements and new capabilities. The release focused on a general functional and modular build-out to expand the appeal of the Coupa suite in new areas. It’s also important to note that in our opinion, Coupa is expanding the value proposition for the 90% or so of organizations that are capable of using a standardized P2P platform without the need for advanced capability in specialized areas (e.g., focusing on the challenges integrating specialized catalog management tools, scaling workflow in highly complex and decentralized environments, linking the buy/sell sides together). Still, Coupa 10 further solidifies their lead over Ariba/SAP and Oracle except in Fortune 200/250 company transactional buying needs (a wide open market where Coupa is just one of several viable competitors depending on procurement environment considerations). Click through for further PRO-level analysis and insight into Coupa’s new release.

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