Best of Labor Day Posts: Spend Management’s Future, Sourcing Labor, and Doughnuts

Yes, five again. But there’s a reason for it this time. After five consecutive years of Labor Day posts, it makes sense to look back and revisit that very first Labor Day post about doughnuts—and how things have evolved since. We wish you a fabulously relaxing Labor Day, if relaxing fabulously is your sort of thing. But for our readers outside of the U.S., check back later today a guest post from Mintec on soybean prices.

The Lost Holiday – Surely everyone loves a holiday if for no other reason than it usually means a day off from work. But in the case of Labor Day, perhaps it’s chief irony is that it means nothing more to most people than a day on which they need not labor while a far more busy Fall schedule lurks just ahead. – William Busch

The End of Summer – Labor as a Lens Into Spend Management’s Future – If you have any time to contemplate things during the holiday today, I’d urge you to consider both the history of organized labor as well as how labor is helping shape so much of what we do as a procurement and supply chain function today — not to mention how we grow (and decline) as businesses, economies and nations. Consider, for example, how unemployment in Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and other countries with arcane work rules would look quite different with more mainstream employment law that gave more fair and flexible rights to employers. – Jason Busch

Labor Day – Layoffs and Beyond: Will Sourcing Labor Get Cheaper? – Like most Spend Matters readers in the United States, I’m taking off to spend the day with my family, holding our last official summer barbecue. But that hasn’t stopped me from thinking more closely about a subject that’s been on my mind ever since it started to feel that Q3 and Q4 were going to become more challenging again from an economic standpoint. And that’s the potential for larger numbers of skilled sourcing professionals to come on the job market after layoffs from both corporate and consulting jobs. – Jason Busch

Management Day – Organized labor played a huge role in the 19th century — not to mention the first half of the twentieth — in standing up for worker’s rights (read The Jungle if you need any proof why). But today, organized labor’s primary usefulness has been replaced by meddling and machinations designed to protect its own bureaucracy and interests, sometimes legally, sometimes illegally, but nearly always at the expense of shareholders, management and customers. – Jason Busch

Yum… Doughnuts (In Celebration of Labor Day) – In honor of Labor Day, I thought it would be appropriate to show how at least one group of workers in my neighborhood in Chicago is benefiting from automated technology that frees up their time to focus on the more important things in life. – Jason Busch

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