Eating Invasive Species Is Latest Oregon Trend, Automakers Report Double-Digit Gains

Oregon’s environmentalists are dealing with invasive species in a creative way, that is, encouraging people to eat them. You have locavores to thank for dishes like potato salad with bullfrog meat, feral-pig bratwurst, and dandelion-leave spanakopita.

An apparently unsatisfied traveler spends $1,000 in promoted Tweets to complain about British Airways.

August has been a good month for the auto industry, with nearly all automakers reporting double-digit sales gains.

Kopi Luwak is a $600-per-pound coffee that has been eaten and excreted by the cat-like civet—and there are suspected counterfeit versions on the market. Now, scientists have developed a chemical test to distinguish between the genuinely fecal and the merely stinky.

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