SciQuest and CombineNet: Initial Market Implications [PRO]

After the market closed yesterday, SciQuest announced it was acquiring CombineNet. Today we will limit our PRO analysis to our initial take on the transaction from a market perspective, pending additional insight and briefings from the SciQuest and CombineNet teams and discussions with customers at the CombineNet Customer and Partner Conference taking place later in September (which both Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell will be attending). While we will explore competitive and product implications of the announcement in separate PRO coverage, it is important to note that this announcement is likely to accelerate further moves in the market by competitors (e.g., Ariba/SAP and Oracle) to either get in or get out of the sourcing market – or simply give away functionality as part of broader deals. Plus and PRO members, click through for the latest in-depth coverage of the deal.

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