Sourcing Optimization is Easier Than Ever: What’s Next? [Plus+]

Our next Ask the Expert webinar for Plus and PRO members is this Thursday, 9/12, from 10-10:30am Central. This week we feature lead analyst Thomas Kase with a presentation titled Sourcing Optimization is Easier than Ever: What’s Next? Optimization has been a scary word in sourcing – many buyers are either afraid of it or have dismissed it, and even fewer understand it. Several solution providers throw the word around fairly loosely and others are far more rigorous. The bottom line is that sourcing optimization is easier than ever – ready to use for most organizations. But we’re here to talk about the next level – the “end-to-end suite optimization” provider. Thomas will then take a special look at what the CombineNet offering can deliver at its new home, SciQuest before answering audience questions on that deal and more. PRO/Plus members, click on through to register.

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