Logistics Pricing Analysis: Driver Weight and Cost – Watch that BMI!

This post is based on material from the 2013 Spend Matters / Procurian research brief: Summer 2013 – Logistics Pricing Review and Outlook (free, registration required). Contributors from Procurian include Ed Sands, Global Practice Lead-Logistics and Scott Youngs, Logistics Category Management Group Leader. Spend Matters contributors include Jason Busch, Executive Editor, and Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer.

Would “an apple a day” solve the problem of overweight drivers hitting the road?

It is increasingly important to consider driver health. There is concern among trucking companies that their drivers will have to be in a certain BMI range in order to be certified to drive, that both health and driving will be certified based on the desire to increase road safety. If you think about the stereotypical health habits of truckers, this is potentially a game changer in terms 
of available labor supply.

Will we lose drivers, creating a potential shortage? Transportation sourcing managers should be thinking about the topic and developing a response to it. Maybe put fruit stands on cross docks?

But more important than encouraging drivers to keep away from salty snacks and fried food at truck stops is the broader question of driver health and health insurance premiums – and its impact on the overall logistics system and costs. The University of Arkansas’s medical sciences department carried out an interesting study a few years back exploring the topic of direct costs and obesity on the road.

It found that “both overweight and obese individuals had higher health care costs and higher prevalence of hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and hypertension than their normal weight counterparts.” Healthcare costs were over 50% higher for obese and overweight individuals than for “normal weight” subjects.

And that’s only counting direct healthcare costs!

For further analysis of this topic, download the complete Spend Matters and Procurian research brief today: Summer 2013 – Logistics Pricing Review and Outlook.

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