CombineNet’s Customer Event: Advanced Sourcing Beyond Logistics, From Services to SaaS and SciQuest

Pierre Mitchell and I are attending the CombineNet customer event in Pittsburgh this week. Look for live coverage today and tomorrow on Spend Matters – our goal in attending is to help showcase what’s possible from advanced stories based on category and customer examples. We’re also keen to explore how companies are using CombineNet (a SciQuest company) alongside other sourcing tools, and in certain cases, how CombineNet’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer solution is becoming a tool for basic sourcing use cases in addition to more advanced situations.

We were excited to attend even before the announced acquisition of CombineNet by SciQuest, owing to the fact that CombineNet has among the most advanced customers in the sourcing market and some of the best use cases (equaled only by some of the use cases coming out of Trade Extension and BravoSolution, based on what we’ve seen recently). Moreover, many of CombineNet’s customers are long-time users of the tool (and services) and can speak to the migration of using sourcing optimization and expressive approaches starting first with logistics and then moving into other categories – paving the advanced sourcing path for other companies to follow in their footsteps.

At the event, my colleague and Spend Matters Chief Research Officer, Pierre Mitchell, is facilitating a panel discussion featuring Walter Charles (CPO, Kellogg Company) Ralf Garczorz, (VP Global Supply Chain Procurement, Johnson & Johnson), and Robert Tevelson (Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group). While there will no doubt be good stories to come out of this session, I’m just as much looking forward to some of the customer stories, such as those from Levi Strauss and A.P. Moller-Maersk, among others.

Stay tuned for live coverage throughout the next couple of days – as well as a postmortem on the final chapter for CombineNet as an independent company (and what made the turnaround from services-centric provider to SaaS/solutions centric provider possible). We’ll also be exploring anything that we can find out regarding how CombineNet will be operating (and integrating) with SciQuest’s broader efforts.

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