Running the Math: How Many Spend Matters Sponsors Have Been Acquired?

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On a restless night last week, I decided to do a quick count of how many sponsors of Spend Matters’ had been acquired in recent years. Not counting Ariba, to whom we’re eternally grateful for their initial support upon starting the site, the number is staggering: Eight.

That’s right, eight sponsors – at least by my count – have been acquired in recent years (counting Ariba, it would be nine). Virtually all of the acquired firms in procurement, and many doing the acquiring, have had a formal sponsorship, advertising presence or relationship with Spend Matters or our affiliate companies. Here are some of the sponsor names (and the acquiring companies):

  • Spend Radar (SciQuest)
  • Upside (SciQuest)
  • BIQ (Opera)
  • VerticalNet (BravoSolution)
  • JV Kelly Group (D&B)
  • CombineNet (SciQuest)
  • MarketMaker4 (Xchanging)
  • IBX (Capgemini)

Beside this list, our advisory arm has been actively engaged as a consultant (mostly on the buy-side) in numerous other transactions that have taken place in the sector over the years – and, to be fair, some that have fizzled. One could say that Spend Matters has become the “market maker” for procurement software and solutions buyouts. It’s a curious label indeed, but not so ironic given the Xchanging and MarketMaker4 (MM4) transaction today.

My shameless plug here is that we currently have one Spend Matters Associate Sponsorship opening available. If someone takes the spot in the next week, I’ll personally toss in a half-day strategy session in Chicago on sector M&A and how to best position for an ideal exit from a timing, valuation, and potential suitor perspective—and I'll add in another hour if someone on the team wants to go for an early morning run and wants to talk on the fly. Or we could flip this and do a buy-side M&A analysis meeting, depending on who the provider is and what they want.

But for providers, I suggest moving fast (on the spot), and with your M&A plans too. 2014 is likely to be the year of even further sector consolidation and some of the biggest deals yet (not counting SAP/Ariba) -- as well as least one or two procurement IPOs. Being prepared – and being front and center to be discovered or to do the discovering – is not something that happens serendipitously.

Curious? Get in touch with our client services team.

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