Pimp My e-Procurement Ride: Endeca’s Transformative Impact on Oracle E-Business Suite [PRO]

When it comes to optioning out cars, sometimes the extra special factory paint job (and even those 19 inch low profile wheels) won’t do the trick. More drastic steps are needed. And such is the case with those who also truly want to have something special with their eProcurement environment. Since the release of Oracle 12.1.3,the Endeca solution can be added to the “regular” E-Business Suite (EBS) offering, giving you something that might better be called EBS+. But you do have to pay for that cherry on top, given that it’s an optional module. And one could certainly argue that it should merely be the new standard search-based UI in iProcurement (and other applications where it’ll also be used and separately licensed) rather than the standard UI. But it’s not particularly expensive, according to Oracle sales staff, and we don’t foresee Oracle losing a deal because of the pricing on this new ‘skin’. The Endeca tool, (or Oracle Endeca Extensions for Oracle E-Business-Suite, in Oracle-speak) is not in lieu of other Oracle BI or reporting tools; it is a complement. This is why we coined the “EBS+” label. It doesn’t change anything in EBS, just enhances functionality. Technically, Endeca is natively embedded in EBS, seamlessly available throughout most areas, with the few remaining areas to be added within the next few point releases.

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