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Kevin Turner of Dell has been writing guest posts for us recently, but some of you might remember him from earlier in the year as the guest expert of honor on a supplier loyalty webinar. The webinar was titled “3 Ways to Earn Loyalty and Profit from Your Suppliers: Lessons from Dell,” and it has been one of our most-attended webinars this year.

This got us thinking about the necessity of organizing webinar recordings from the recent past based on category, as an additional free resource for readers. Aside from Plus/PRO webinars, the rest of these recordings are freely available for you to download, whether you had registered for the webinar or not. So if you’re a new Spend Matters reader, or if you’re interested in revisiting specific topics like supplier management, sourcing, or technology, click the links below to access webinar recordings on those areas.

On supplier management: 

3 Ways to Earn Loyalty and Profit from Your Suppliers: Lessons from Dell – Kevin Turner, Director of Global eCommerce Integrations for Dell, provides a close look at the sell-side of the procurement equation and what suppliers really think of supplier networks. For example, can networks improve buyer/supplier relationships?

The Great Debate: Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode, or Evolve? – Christian Lanng of Tradeshift and Jay Merenda join Spend Matters on this lively debate, held virtually so that no one breaks any chairs.

On the use of data:

Good Data: Spend Analysis Tactics to Attack Supplier Performance Management – German Torres of FMC Technologies shares how to turn fragmented supplier performance data into actionable information.

Vote For Visibility: Yes, Procurement and Data Can Dance – Jason Busch, Cherlyn Decker of AOL, and Scott McBride of Iasta participate in this Napoleon Dynamite-themed webinar on spend visibility. As Jason wrote, “what better a movie to represent the plight of procurement in today’s modern organization?"

On sourcing:

Conflict Minerals Technology: Compliance Through Spend Analysis – Do you really need a specialized toolset to take on Conflict Minerals compliance? Can’t you use an existing solution in your technology portfolio? MetalMiner’s Lisa Reisman answers these questions and more in this hour-long webinar.

Editor's note: Webinar recordings expire after one year. If you want to access a recording of a webinar that took place more than a year ago, please email me (slazarus@spendmatters.com) and I will send you the slides used in the presentation.

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