How Public Spend Forum Fits Into Spend Matters Portfolio

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Public Spend Forum, the latest site in our portfolio. But PSF is different than everything else we’ve done to date, given the fact that we’re doing it jointly with partner Censeo Consulting, who brings a range of public sector procurement expertise and enthusiasm that we’ve not encountered anywhere else. Moreover, we’ve also brought on board an outstanding editor, Jonathan Messinger, who is overseeing all editorial, creative, and multimedia aspects of the site.

Jonathan will have a huge subject to tackle with his editorial oversight and the collective inputs of Censeo and Spend Matters. Public Spend Forum, as we note on the recently launched site, is focused on providing insightful content and convening a community focused on better management of procurement spending in the public sector. Our goal is to provide public sector leaders, practitioners, and policy makers with the following:

  • Best practice insight from industry thought leaders, academia, and public sector practitioners
  • Industry news and updates
  • Networking discussion forums, webinars, and events

We have no doubt Public Spend Forum will quickly create a voice of its own, one that is different from everything else we’re doing, while leveraging the collective knowledge and talents of the extended Spend Matters and Censeo teams. For us, having a unique voice is important. Over the years, Spend Matters has grown from a blog with a single contributor (me) into one of the anchor properties that is part of the largest and fastest growing global procurement, supply chain and operations media, publishing and analyst network – by a mile, for that matter.

Our sites and research/data services today include Spend Matters, Spend Matters UK/Europe, Spend Matters NL, MetalMiner, MetalMiner IndX, Search for Procurement and Healthcare Matters. To gain a sense of the breadth of coverage we provide (including the 50+ unique articles, columns, and research briefs that we publish across our sites each weekday), we encourage our readers to check out Spend Matters Network. Public Spend Forum will no doubt complement (and draw on) these other efforts. But given the massive role of government in global spending, we are under no illusion that if this new site is as successful as we think it can be, it could overtake everything else we’re up to by traffic, reach, and influence.

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