Webinar Tomorrow: Procurement and The Government Shutdown

We thought we'd align this week's Ask the Expert webinar on Friday (10-10:30am Central) with not only what's on the forefront of the news, but also with the launch of Public Spend Forum. Jason Busch will be joined by Raj Sharma of Censeo Consulting to chat about everything from the impact of the shutdown on public (and private) sector procurement to recommendations for procurement solution providers wanting to succeed in the public sector - and how to make the switch. Public Spend Forum's executive editor Jonathan Messinger says "While Congress prattles on for days, our talk will last only 30 minutes," which is as solid of an endorsement as I can give as well. Click on through to register.


The Government Shutdown and Public Sector Procurement

Friday, October 4

10-10:30am Central

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  1. Matt Lim:

    In the mean time you can read the Definitive Guide to Better Procurement Practices


    1. Sydney Lazarus:


      In the meantime of what? Please clarify. You’re recommending our webinar attendees to read your article while listening to our webinar? That doesn’t sound productive.

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