Government Shutdown and Public Procurement: Webinar Recording is Up!

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This post originally appeared on Public Spend Forum, though you could probably guess that from the above graphic.

Back in the early days of the government shutdown, it seemed as thought we wouldn’t get this far, that cooler heads would eventually prevail. But on the eve of our country hitting the debt ceiling, it’s clear that whatever problems Congress is grappling with, they’re not going away anytime soon (particularly if we define “soon” as “January.”)

But in those halcyon early days, we hosted a webinar on what the shutdown means for procurement and government contractors. The co-chairs of our editorial board, Censeo Consulting Group CEO Raj Sharma, and Spend Matters Managing Director Jason Sharma, had a lively discussion of the issues. They also looked at what solution providers can offer the public sector and how they can enter the space, and what the transition from the private sector to the public would mean for practitioners.

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  1. Innovation Dojo:

    Who is Jason Sharma?! Interesting topic though guys, and in a few days time the world could be a very different place.

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