Pop-Up Webinar: Writing an EDI, Supplier Network or E-Invoicing RFP? Ask These Qs

Writing an EDI, Supplier Network or E-Invoicing RFP? Must Ask Questions!

Friday, 10/25/13, 10-10:30am Central

The space between companies and trading partners for supplier enablement and connectivity is about to get much more attention than it ever has. But confusion reigns about actual provider capability and the options and substitutes that are out there. Philosophies from old-school EDI players to leading eProcurement and e-invoicing providers to venture-backed upstarts in the platform and supplier network area couldn’t be more different!

Even more challenging, certain providers claim that they are the “two-ton gorilla” in the space (and the de facto standard) when in fact there isn’t a single network that’s achieved critical global mass as an enabler for eProcurement and e-invoicing (direct materials is another matter) with differentiated capability.

On this Spend Matters pop-up webinar for practitioners and Plus/PRO subscribers, we'll attempt to cut through this confusion and answer critical questions that all companies should ask before writing an EDI, supplier network or e-invoicing RFP. Attendees can expect to gain:

  • A list of key questions to help frame and determine their overall supplier connectivity strategy
  • An understanding of the different roles of EDI, supplier network, platforms and connectivity approaches
  • An introduction to different connectivity standards and connectivity models (machine-to-machine, portal, etc.)
  • The difference between applications (e.g., eProcurement, e-invoicing) and connectivity on-ramps and networks
  • Whether (and how) to separate out application decisions from connectivity decisions
  • An explanation of the network and application "lock-in" strategies that SAP/Ariba are driving customers towards
  • A shortlist of various providers to consider based on different requirements

Special bonus! Qualified practitioners who sign up to attend can request a 30-day free trial to our Plus/PRO research for access to the dozens of research briefs we have authored on the topic.

We hope you can join us on Friday!

Writing an EDI, Supplier Network or E-Invoicing RFP? Must Ask Questions!

Friday, 10/25/13, 10-10:30am Central



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