Where to Start? How to Get Involved with Government Contracting at Any Level

This post, written by David Wyld, originally appeared on Public Spend Forum

So, you own a small business, and you’ve heard stories and read articles about how being a government contractor can benefit your business. Your interest is high, but when you search on your Google machine, all you find is a mix of what appear to be scam sites (“make big money on government contracts in less than an hour—results guaranteed!”) and acronyms that make no sense to you.

What to do? Well, Jen Clement, who is Director of Business Relations/Sales for SmartProcure, has put together a concise guide for those seeking to get into government contracting for the first time—or for those looking to expand their reach say from a state or local basis to the federal level or vice versa. Government Contracts: Where to Search at the Federal, State and Local Levels, recently published on GovLoop, should become an essential bookmark for anyone seeking to take their public sector business to the next level.

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