Zycus Horizon: Exploring “One View” Analytics

Earlier this morning at Zycus Horizon, Zycus's founder and CEO Aatish Dedhia provided a preview of a new feature in the Zycus suite that will be made available in November 2013 (GA). This feature is called “One View," and the concept behind it is to provide truly integrated cross-suite analytics that span all the modular components of the Zycus solution set. But it’s not just a spend analytics dashboard. Rather, think of it as a combination of Google and a truly integrated cross suite BI tool.


In a quick demonstration of One View, Zycus shared how the One View entry/tool bar sits on all screens within the Zycus application set. A user can search for a supplier name and the box “auto-fills” with all information about suppliers matching the initial words of the query based on data in all parts of the Zycus suite (including spend analysis, contract management, and supplier performance management modules).

The idea behind One View, as Zycus explained, is to enable a user to quickly see all the relevant information about a given supplier. It would be as simple as doing a Google search based on data inside the organization. For example, if we want to know what a supplier’s given performance is? How much do we spend with them? How are elements trending?

The web browser landing page (after search selection) for One View is a drillable dashboard that can show a range of fields based on cross-suite data including contracts, spending trends/levels, supplier performance plans, scorecards, etc. All data is drillable and users can quickly find themselves in highly granular details (if that is the path they want to go down).

Zycus designed One View with mobile capabilities in mind as well. The One View mobile client (shown on an Android device at Horizon) not only provides high-level summary information on supplier / spend details, but also the ability to drill-down into data beyond other mobile spend analytics and related apps we’ve seen. For  example, summary information is available including cumulative spend (by supplier, for example), top 5 spend categories, contracts, and performance plans.

A typical mobile navigation path may start with general visibility into spending with suppliers including month-over-month trending data and the ability to drill into category details. From a contract visibility perspective on the mobile version of One View, the first page of a particular contract shows contract title, term value, owner, cumulative activity, overall spending, utilization, expiration, and category – and users can gain further information from there.

It's not necessarily the concept that is promising, as competitors have similar cross-suite analytics as well. Rather, it's the integration of One View into the Zycus environment, and, most important, the depth of capability and ability to rapidly drill into detailed, granular information, whether on a notebook/desktop or in a mobile environment.

Here's our gut prediction: Based on what we saw on stage, One View is the type of feature that could put a solution over the edge for procurement in a bake-off situation evaluating a procurement suite. We look forward to exploring One View in further detail after getting a personal demonstration at Horizon.

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