Zycus Horizon and NMSDC: Spend Matters Descends on San Antonio

The US Spend Matters analyst team – comprised of Pierre Mitchell, Thomas Kase, and Jason Busch – has descended on San Antonio this week for two different events: Zycus Horizon and the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Conference and Business Opportunity Fair.

Zycus Horizon, which has relocated from New Orleans last year, promises to feature quite a bit on the customer and product sides of the provider equation. We expect announcements and news around the material enhancements of what were Zycus’s nascent P2P capabilities last year.

As Zycus tackles the eProcurement and e-invoicing equation more broadly, they’ll likely continue playing to their recent and old core strengths, including building off of a single integrated suite that links such areas as sourcing and contract management (and spend analysis) directly into a P2P environment. Moreover, we expect Zycus to leverage spend classification at the heart of the buying experience to ensure that spend going through the buying portal is properly documented and classified at the time of the buy itself. This is an approach that also makes it easier for customers to buy off of the right contract terms and conditions.

Given Zycus’s history in the MDM sector (it spun off a separate business unit in this area), we have no doubt there will be some broader suite tie-ins to supplier management activities, along with supplier and spend master data management. Beyond this, we hope to see the latest from Zycus in the sourcing and contract management areas, among other suite components. We may also speak with a number of Zycus customers and prospects at Horizon to learn about their experience working with (or considering) Zycus.

Thomas Kase, being our resident supplier management and supplier diversity expert, will be covering NMSDC this week. He’ll be offering his view on the latest happenings in both the supplier diversity software and content provider landscape post AECSoft and CVM Solutions (both companies were acquired and under their new owners, SciQuest and Kroll, respectively, they don’t appear to be as focused on supplier diversity as they once were, at least in the content enrichment area).

Rod Robinson, whom the Spend Matters team met with recently, is hoping that his upstart firm, Connxus, will fill the void for supplier diversity focused technology and content by taking the market in new directions, adding a many-to-many network and marketplace like capability to the one-to-one enrichment and vendor management portals of the past. Yet Spend Matters believes that no firm has – or will, at least in the near term – emerge with a singular solution that captures all of what is needed in an approach not just for basic supplier diversity program management, but rather a a more advanced enablement approach inclusive of receivables financing, collaboration, multi-tier management, supplier network connectivity/on-ramps and broader supplier development capabilities.

Stay tuned over the next few days as we feature live coverage from both events!

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