Zycus: Singing from the Ariba Hymn Book for Source-to-Pay Suite Leadership [PRO]

If it wasn’t clear before now, Zycus’ CEO Aatish Dedhia is playing for keeps in attempting to become the top independent source-to-pay suite “alternative” in the procurement technology sector left by the void when SAP acquired Ariba. Of course, Ariba has not technically disappeared, but it’s certainly distracted as it works the reverse assimilation of the SAP Borg. During this morning’s session at Zycus’ Horizon customer conference in San Antonio, Texas, Aatish shared his perspective on the evolution of the procurement market, including an increase in demand for integrated solution suites from best of breed providers (rather than customers buying single, modular procurement technology products alone) or from suite providers who have acquired and “loosely coupled” some of their modules (IBM/Emptoris, SciQuest/AECSoft/CombineNet/Upside, etc.).

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