Zycus Horizon: Product Roadmap Explored

At Zycus Horizon yesterday, Aatish Dedhia, the firm’s founder and CEO, shared both a retrospective and forward view on his company’s solution roadmap (as well as what are informing development decisions).


He noted that at this event last year, he had told the audience that Zycus’s major objective before the end of 2013 was to drive to common supplier and master data across the suite in a usable query and analytical format across the application. Now that Zycus has achieved this – or will soon – with the launch of One View, the company is turning its attention to building on a cross-suite analytical foundation.

This roadmap includes predictive procurement analytics that will help organizations with “spend forecasting,” “mining” contracts for opportunity and risk, and gaining analytical insight into suppliers and overall supply strategy. An example of embedded forecasting that Aatish shared centered on procurement budgeting (starting with a macro-view of budgets and spend but drillable down to the category or line level) in the Zycus suite.

The Zycus budgeting approach uses statistical regression analysis based on a variety of internal inputs into budgeting (e.g., past spend, seasonality, business unit activity), as well as external inputs such as inflation and overall demand, which then allow users to model a specific budget. Zycus’s forecasting capability (including budgeting), when available, will be embedded across the suite itself rather than be a stand-alone module.

Early morning at Zycus Horizon

Early morning at Zycus Horizon

Aatish said that Zycus is continuing to work aggressively to build out its P2P capabilities, especially around eProcurement, with current beta customers using the product (including The Mentor Network), among the other Zycus suite components. Incremental product innovation will come in the form of new capabilities tied to existing modules (e.g., iSource) such as a “face-to-face” supplier negotiation product that Zycus is developing based on the input of a strategic customer today that needs the capability.

At the end of his talk, Aatish noted that 40% of the deals Zycus is competing in throughout North America are currently “suite deals” rather than individual modules – a trend which plays directly into building out cross-suite capabilities.

Stay tuned as our coverage of Zycus Horizon continues throughout the week. We’ll explore, among other areas, Zycus’s latest advancements in P2P (eProcurement), sourcing, and analytics. And we’ll also tackle what Zycus has up its sleeve in the professional services area, as well as offer a summary perspective on how Zycus stacks up across the different product areas in which it competes with its suite for our PRO subscribers.

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